Still Not Sure?

What is the reason behind cooperation?We offer to increase your earnings even more, thanks to the constant general audience of our daily customers. VIP☼LETO helps promote your products.

How will I receive my order?You receive a notification of a new order in your email, to be specified at the registration stage. All you have to do is execute the order as soon as possible.

How do my products reach VIP☼LETO?

You provide the products you want through a file. We upload all products provided, and these are available for order. Requirements for archiving products can be found in your profile.

I do not want to provide all products, only a part of them.Yes, you can do that. Still, you could sell more, if you provide a complete catalog. If your products are in social networks such as Facebook, VK, you can use our integration solution in VIP☼LETO.

I have no online store.

You can make your own online store with the help of VIP☼LETO. Then you can use the import feature to automatically products to VIP☼LETO. You can request more information on Customer Service.

How payment service performed?

In proportion of all commissions for all orders that have taken place an invoice is created. This invoice arrives at your e-mail the following month from when the VIP☼LETO services were provided.

Your commissions are too high.

The commission is made through average prices of one or the other category. Besides, we provide a call-center, which will receive all calls from your customers, plus a constantly updated popular website. Get a solution for your business with just one step.

We increase your sales,
and you pay only the orders that have been made in VIP☼LETO!
Quick, easy and comfortable!


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