Commerce with VIP☼LETO

VIP☼LETO trade - Cooperation, aiming to increase sales in your store and promotion of your products.
VIP☼LETO - a commerce site, which works daily to attract more customers and to make even more orders.

How does de cooperation process work?

  • We put your products in the online mall
  • Promotion and advertising your products on the Internet
  • We grasp new clientele
  • We accept orders through our call-center and website
  • We transfer orders from real buyers to your product.
  • Provides a product catalog
  • Creates or connects your shop online
  • You make the request received in VIP☼LETO
  • You pay the commission for taking orders
  • We will increase your sales, and you only pay the commission for orders placed on VIP☼LETO

The stages of cooperation

1Connect online store and post products

2Receive orders for products through VIP☼LETO

3Transfer the order to the store, for elaboration

4Execution of the Order: Shipping order, and obtaining profit

5Payment of commissions to VIP☼LETO


Advertizing on VIP☼LETO
The general conditions