The Purchase Process in VIP☼LETO

Your Step-by-Step Guide

1Through our search engine, select the desired product in the category selected.
VIP☼LETO presents a variety of products from children carts, up to handmade gifts. To find the requested product use the catalog or the search engine. In the catalog you can use search filters for the selection of the product you want. After selection click "Add to Cart" - the product will be in your shopping cart.

2Request the order.
To request the order it can be done on the same page, fill out the form of the product delivery. For the application of the order, the following is required:

  • Write your data: Full name, telephone number, email and address for the order;
  • Choose the delivery method: Courier, collection or mail delivery;
  • You can choose from multiple payment methods, choose the most comfortable: cash or credit card transaction.

Then, you should proceed to a request confirmation and wait for the shop to confirm the order (usually, the answer comes in a period of one hour).

3Store response
You get the confirmation order in your email, specified during the ordering process. Also in this direction you will receive a confirmation of purchase at the store.

More information in payment methods...

5The time of delivery specification.
After confirmation of the request, a manager will be in contact with you to arrange the time of delivery.
If the order is chosen with the method of own pick delivery, the product will be at the point of delivery.

6When you receive the delivery
When you receive the delivery, please check that product is complete and all right. Our stores operate in strict accordance with the Consumer Protection Act. Note that according to the Law for the Protection of Consumer Rights, a number of goods cannot be returned or exchanged, except in cases of fault of the manufacturer.
Please, be careful when you receive the goods!
You will be given a receipt, as well as all the necessary guarantee and the documents attached to the goods.
Before buying, you can choose to return the request for all products free of charge. Partial refund for payment of goods received and shipping charges.
If you paid by credit card or check, you will be refunded:
– The total amount of the order with a full refund,
– The cost of returned products in case of partial return of an order
Within 5 business days after receiving the refund application.

7Leave your comment about the product / shop
After making a purchase, you can share the joy of the use of the goods, leaving a comment on VIP☼LETO, as well as you impressions of the store. Your opinion is invaluable, and will help prospective buyers to make the right choice when buying!

That is all! Buy in VIP☼LETO - simple and convenient. Today we are happy to provide more than 2000 products. We are sure there is something for you among them!

If you have any questions, please email us. We will be happy to help!

Payment Methods

  • Cash Payment Payment is made after receiving the product. With home delivery, cash will be given to the mailman, after receiving and reviewing the product. In the case of pick up at the collection point, it shall be paid in cash at that site.
  • Payment by PayPal If I chose the payment method with PayPal, after the application of the order, you will be redirected to a secure page of the PayPal system, which must be authorized to perform the transaction.
    Payment by PayPal - is a method of making payments securely in the internet, with the possibility of a refund to the account at the time of cancellation.
  • Payment method transaction If you chose the method of payment transaction, you will receive in your email the account number where you must pay the sum, through the bank account or directly in the bank. The order will be booked for 5 days. After receiving payment to our account, the manager of home delivery will be in contact with you.
  • Credit card payment If you have chosen this method, after making the order confirmation you will be sent to a secure website payment system, where you have to put your card details. After placing the order, your bank account will be charged with the amount corresponding to the cost of your order.
    Attention! Payment will made at the time you receive the product, and confirm you purchase.
    If you decide not to buy the product, you will receive a full refund of the amount charged to your bank account.


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