Frequently Asked Questions

I have requested the order, but I still have questions on the matter of shipping.

You can write all your questions, "Order Details" tab, in the order request of the cart section. Before carrying out shipping, you will be contacted by the manager of the store to solve all your questions. If there is anything that does not conform you, you can always cancel the order at any time.

I am willing to buy the product, but only if the delivery carried out today.Many stores carry out shipments in 24 hours. If you are in Spain, there will be shipping option within 24 hours, if the store that is selling can provide the option. You can write all your questions on the part of "Order Details" in the cart.

Because there are different methods of delivery for different products?VIP☼LETO - is a commercial center, where independent shops work. Shipping methods in each store, are different. Each order placed, is controlled in our information system, and will not be left without proper attention.

I placed the order, but no one has contacted me, what can I do?Check the email that you specified in the order. If there is no order information, you can write a message. You can also contact customer service, which will help with all questions you may have free of charge.

What is a transport company?

It is an intermediary that performs order sending to other countries. Prices, terms and conditions additional delivery are completely determined by transport companies and do not depend on the store where they are placed.

I want to order to Russia. How much will it cost?

Russia sending is performed with transportation companies. Shipping cost is determined by the transport company and depends on the distance of the city, as well as weight, volume and cost of the order. Also postage may affect customs duties and speed of delivery.

How can I follow my order?

In your profile, the page with information about ordering, shipping status of the package is displayed. If the store did not provide us the information about the package, would need contact yourself the manager of the store and ask for the number of your package, this way you will know the status of your package on the website of the transport company.

If you have any questions, please email us. We will be happy to help!


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