Payment Promotion

Additional advertising payment, make a mark.

The style of individual website elements as desired. The service is provided in consideration of specific customer requests. That is why this format will help emphasize more detail that strengths your brand, and can also contribute to an increase in orders. We will provide maximum attention from visitors and VIP☼LETO subscribers. The service also includes a full page layout.

VIP☼LETO Assurance

VIP☼LETO guarantee - is a sign of quality, which will be attached to the name of your shop, allowing to occupy the top positions in the recommended category, regardless of the price of the item.
Requirements for Shopping-Partners - Quality service:
– Product Disposal
– A timely delivery and quality (with the specified conditions)
– Return the product without any problem for the buyer (with agreed conditions)

Special publication

Puts all you products in the category so that with a click you can access the product. This type of publications, is the most effective when low prices are made. Effectiveness: orders suffer a 20% increase and more.


Rotating banners
Traditional advertising: the ability to capture the attention of customers in your special offers. There are several types of banners for you: Banner rotating on the homepage - Select the position (from 2 position)
- CTR – 0.7 %
- Targeting function of the theme, Geo-targeting
- Flexible configuration frequency and time of demonstration,
Banner Extension
Banner Extension in the category - Select a category, choose a design and place your banner.
- Static
- CTR – 0,4%
- Image – Home

Design your shop

A service that gives you the possibility to make your online store, how you want. Available: Fund (Bottom of page), Banners, special offers settings.

Mass mailing

We also provide mass mailing to our partners. It has several performance criteria of said advertisement:
- targeting: In the product category, by sex, region or age;
- targeting with the mechanics of recommendation;
- without targeting;
- super offer in VIP☼LETO


Questions on paid advertising, please contact us.
Contact information: Dmitriy Dobroliubov, Director of Development Company.
More details in Customer Care.


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